1949 - 51 Mercury Frames Designed by Mercury Charlie


Street Rod Engineering is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of Mercury Charlie frames.  Designed and blueprinted by Mercury Charlie with a reputation of building the finest Merc's on the planet!  

This blueprinted frame boasts the following benefits:

  1. All new metal (1/8" wall, square) is used in every frame
  2. Removable X-member
  3. Easy Exhaust and Transmission removal
  4. You can use state of the art  Shockwave HQ 1000 Series suspension components.
  5. The frame will accept both Shockwave or coil overs, both are bolt in installation
  6. The car is able to be dropped over 2 inches lower to the ground compared to modifying a stock frame
  7. Allows for wider tires in the rear. (10" of rubber ON THE GROUND fits comfortably)
  8. All body mounts installed (compare that to our competitors)
  9. Comparable cost to heavily modifying your stock frame, with better ride quality, appearance and structural integrity.

Upgrades available:

    1. Street Rod Engineering's Ultra Ride Mustang II IFS
    2. Quick Performance 9" Ford w/choice of gear ratio
    3. 3/16" wall construction
    4. Airbag brackets.

      Base price for the frame only is $9500.  Please give us a call to discuss you needs and a detailed estimate.

      Base Price: $9,500.00
      Configured Price: