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Mustang II Front Suspension Replacement Parts

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Part # M2UBK Complete Urethane bushing kit Price $150.00

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Part # M2UBJ (picture on left) Upper ball joint Price $65.00 pr
Part # M2LBJ (picture on right) Lower ball joint Price $80.00 pr

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Part # M2RSRB Rubber strut rod bushing kit Price $45.00 set (Includes washers/nuts)

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Part # M2UACS Reproduction upper A-arm cross shafts Price $45.00 each

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Part # M2UTB Upper A-arm cross shaft "T" bolt kit Price $19.99 set

Part # M2CFERK Complete Front End rebuild kit. Includes: Upper & Lower ball joints,
OE Type rubber Upper & Lower control arm bushings & strut rod bushings $149.99

Part # M2GSA Heavy duty gas filled shock absorbers Price $55.00 pr.

Part Number Application (Mustang II) Additional parts Price
M2RCS Replacement Coil Springs (Three spring rates available) larger sizes slightly higher $75.00up
M2RSCA Remanufactured stock Mustang II control arms (bead blasted, all new cross shafts, bushings, ball joints) Complete set of 4 $299.99 set
M2RSR Heavy Duty reproduction strut rods $45.00 ea
M2TRE New tie rod ends $40.00 pr
M2MRP New manual rack & pinion steering gear $189.99
M2PRP Rebuilt power rack & pinion steering gear $275.00
M2SNK Mustang II spindle nut kit $19.99 set
M2RUCB Rubber upper control arm bushing kit $40.00 set
M2RLCB Rubber lower control arm bushing kit $25.00 set
M2RSP Mustang II spindles (Reconditioned)  (No longer available) NA
M2SP Mustang II spindles (New) $239.99pr
M2TUA **Standard width tubular upper A-arms $239.99pr
M2TLA **Standard width tubular lower tubular A-arms for coil springs and shocks $319.99pr
M2TSR Tubular Strut Rods $109.99pr
M2DSP 2" Dropped spindles $299.99

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We also have front and rear sway bar kits starting at $200.00
Please call for exact prices and available applications.

** All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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